• Mudanjiang Cultural Exchange Center

    Cultural Exchange Center is located in the beautiful Mudanjiang River, it is the first set of Mudanjiang City Theater, Concert Hall and other multi-cultural exhibition in a building. It is one of the main buildings of the Exhibition Center Project. It is located in the east of Jingpohu East Road in the central axis of the Jiangnan Development Zone, and across the river from the sculpture group of "Eight Women in the River" on the north bank of Mudanjiang River. The building area of the center is more than 30,000 square meters. The building layer is two floors above ground and partial mezzanine. The ground floor is mainly the main theater. The main theater is designed according to 1200 standard. The second floor is the theater and concert hall. Advanced standard design, design seats for the 500; basement part of the underground parking and stage equipment for the main room.
    The main theater uses RGB-8i dimming cabinet 5, 480 dimming circuit; the use of RGB-8i relay through the cabinet 4, 384 through the loop (Figure 3), the use of the first-class lighting, audio-visual equipment, ; Concert hall using RGB-8i sine wave dimming cabinet, 96 sine wave circuit, assume the audience of a variety of lighting control system tasks.
    The construction of the cultural exchange center, will have the main elements of the modern stage, such as stage movements, rotation, so that the city in the past flat stage upgrade to three-dimensional stage, fully meet the large stage drama and other types of performance needs. The completion of cultural exchange center, will provide a good place for the cultural life of the people, so that the city's cultural level has been an unprecedented increase, improve the city's cultural taste.