The main performance characteristics:
    ● 1 RJ45 Ethernet (LAN) interface, 10 / 100M adaptive, TCP / IP protocol
    ● Built-in RGB NET application network communication protocol
    ● The ACN protocol hardware interface is compatible
    ● 4 5-hole XLR DMX interface, can LAN ← → DMX signal bi-directional conversion
    ● Each DMX interface contains 512 lighting control signals
    ● Each DMX port can be independently set to DMX input / output status
    ● The lighting control signal communication format is DMX-512 (1990)
    ● The LEDs indicate the status of each DMX port
    ● The LED indicates the status of the network port
    ● You can set the parameters of the converter on the PC side through the network
    ● Standard rack design (1U)
    ● Voltage: 220VAC

    Technical Parameters:
    Dimensions: 480 × 150 × 40mm)
    Weight: 2kg