• RGB officially released the 10i global unified guide price!

    10i, visualized 5G dimmer racks, global unified guide price: 820,000 (RMB)
    RGB, focused on one product for over 20 years. A high-quality product made in China, on January 1, 2022, 10i, the global unified guide price was officially released, blowing a new horn of entering the international high-end performing arts equipmentfield!
    The current environment is not an excuse to retreat. Fight against the wind is the inspirational spirit of RGB. The 10i visual dimmer racks, leading position of technology, is the high integration of RGB's multiple Chinese patented  technologies. A tempered sword, 2022 ,Officially set sail!
    10i, as the original product of RGB, is a brand-new hybrid dimmer racks which has completely independent intellectual property rights:
    Chinese and international certification;
    Equipped and supports V4.0 visual dimming control technology software at the same time;
    Intelligent recognition and automatic switching technology of dimming/relay hybrid;
    It supports automatic recognition of sACN and ART-net network protocols at the same time;
    Relay efficiency compensation technology;
    Multi-backup dimming control technology without decoder;
    Unlimited dimming control technology;
    Mobile terminal with 5G network technology;
    Above 500μs ofanti-interference rise time;
    Gold-plated high-voltage connectors with ultra-high conductivity;
    Completely independent bipolar RCD safety protection device (SPN);
    Duo power supply system as mutual backup;

    RGB, an outstanding representative of the craftsmanship spirit. RGB cannot predict the future. However, RGB can create the future, and it can create a future that belongs to Chinese dimming control technology!